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The True Grit Games 
The True Grit Games  This show will be our first ever Pride show the night before the Pride Parade in Leeds featuring wrestlers...
True Grit Invasion
True Grit Invasion  True Grit Invasion will be our next event in York on Saturday, 8th June. This is an annual show with a huge...
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Thursday Night Showdown 
Thursday Night Showdown  The huge No DQ match is signed! It will be Rhio vs. Ivy for the TGW Womens’ Championship and tha...
First ever True Grit Women's champion crowned
Following a brutal 6 women, no DQ, elimination match, that is the True Grit Games, Ivy was crowned as the new and first ever wo...
True Grit Games
The True Grit Games - Coming Soon to YouTube
The True Grit Games – Coming Soon! We will be releasing the True Grit Games match by match throughout May and June. If y...
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True Grit TV!
True Grit TV has launched on Youtube! Make sure you like and subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes! We have currently releas...