Pro Wrestling in Yorkshire

First ever True Grit Women’s champion crowned

Following a brutal 6 women, no DQ, elimination match, that is the True Grit Games, Ivy was crowned as the new and first ever women’s champion! Ivy had to fight her way past Natalie Sykes, Harley Hudson, Taonga, Gia Adams and Rhio to get her hands on the gold! However, there was a controversial ending […]

The True Grit Games – Coming Soon to YouTube

The True Grit Games – Coming Soon! We will be releasing the True Grit Games match by match throughout May and June. If you weren’t there in person (or even if you were) you won’t want to miss seeing this fantastic event! The True Grit Games match itself was one of the best matches True […]

True Grit TV!

True Grit TV has launched on Youtube! Make sure you like and subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes! We have currently released Season 1 – ‘The Road to Redemption’ that leads us to our huge show Redemption that took place in Leeds on 14th January 2023. There are 6 episodes in total and each […]